WSALs + Guidelines and Requirements for Windows Store Apps Development

During the past months, I’ve been involved in many Windows Store App reviews. This work is based on Microsoft guidelines and requirements that are scattered all over MSDN. This post provides a few links from which you will quickly find what you’re looking for during your development.

Before looking at these links and get lost into the guidelines, you should know that Microsoft organizes a program called the “Windows Store App Labs” where skilled engineers and designers are there to help you; both with all these guidelines but also with UI Design and technical questions you might have. It is also accessible if you want to update an already published App

You can directly register after you have selected your country on the map.
Don’t miss this free opportunity   :^)

From Design guides to Checklists

The first link to keep in your favorite points to the Windows 8 app certification
requirements page where mandatory implementation détails are listed. Failures in the Store validation report will points to the sections of this page. For example, one of the most important source of rejection from the Windows Store was the lack of Privacy Policy both during the Store submission but also at runtime from the Settings pane if the App requires Internet or network access.

Due to the high number of UI changes brought by Modern UI supported by Windows Store Apps, most of the guideline violations are related to User Experience requirements. The Index of UX guidelines for Windows Store apps and Make great Windows Store apps pages are where you should start your search: use them as a fast directory-like access to all UI features.

One of the first decision you have to make when you design your Windows Store App is to define the type of navigation that will be used by the user. The Navigation design for Windows Store apps page is a must read for the Design phase (a .pdf version is also available) as well as the Commanding design for Windows Store apps where all rules related to AppBar commands and errors presentation are detailed.

Beyond these Design guidelines, MSDN provides dual pages for WinRT features, one for Javascript/HTML and the other for CB/C#/C++/XAML. Even if you are interested only by your own technology stack, my recommandation would be to read both. That ways, you get a better understanding about what is expected. In addition, if you can’t read everything, focus on the Dos/Don’ts section: these are the most important for a successful Store validation.

In addition, you will find  a lot of guidelines and checklists related to each Modern UI sections. Each one also directly points to the related sample from the Windows SDK and interesting QuickStarts.

Guidelines and checklists

I hope this helps.

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