BUILD conference session about Windows Store Apps and WinRT

While I’m finishing a post about Inter-Process Communication in WinRT, here is a list of sessions related to Windows Store Application for those who were not lucky enough to attend the last BUILD conference in Redmond. For each, you’ll find the Powerpoint presentation and the videos from the Channel9 site.

UI Design

The Microsoft design language

Tips on self-evaluating the UX of your appTips on self-evaluating the UX of your app

Guidance for shopping apps


Developing a Windows Store app

Windows Store: how does it work?

1+1=3: Using app contracts to integrate with Windows 8 experiences

Alive with activity: tiles, notifications, and background tasks

The story of state: AppData, settings, and the process lifecycle

The Windows Runtime Q&A

Tips and tricks for developing connected applications

Building mixed-language apps

Building Windows 8 LOB apps

Touchscreen and stylus and mouse, oh my!

Analytics for Windows Store apps

The developer’s guide to the SkyDrive API

Windows 8 Connectathon with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Building Rich Media Applications on Windows 8 with Windows Azure Media Services

Using media extensions to build great video playback apps

Designing rich media scenarios in your Windows Store app

Key technologies for building advanced media apps

Security in Windows Store apps

Bing Maps for Windows apps

Graphics at the core of Windows 8 and your app

Core technologies for Windows 8 games

Powering your apps with Microsoft accounts

Xbox Live on Windows 8 Deep Dive

Key technologies for shopping apps

Key technologies for Windows Store business apps

Shopping app case studies

Making money with your app on the Windows Store

Monetizing your Windows 8 app with advertising

Top tips for iOS devs building Windows Store apps

Developing, deploying, and monetizing Windows Store games with Unity


Introduction to creating Windows Store apps using XAML

Performance tips for Windows Store apps using XAML

Building world-ready Windows Store apps with XAML

XAML list controls

Easy Asynchrony with C#: No More Callbacks!

Designing awesome XAML apps in Visual Studio and Blend for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Tips for building a Windows Store app using XAML and C++: The Hilo project

How to Leverage your Code across WP8 and Windows 8 (Repeat)

Create Cross-platform Apps using Portable Class Libraries

Unit Testing Windows Store Apps

Happy watching!

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