WinmdDiff 1.2 to list new types and members in Windows API

Download updated version 1.3 with bug fix and types as comment in .csv generated file (x86 | x64)

The different builds of Windows 10 are available for month now via the Windows Insider program with the Visual Studio 2015 RC. In addition, a new SDK for the 10158 build is also available.

I’ve updated my WinmdDiff tool to version 1.2 to show not only the new types but also the new members!

New Members

As you can see, we’ll have a new RecordedCalls folder where the recorded calls will be stored in the existing type KnownFolders.

The new types are shown in bold like the UserProfilePersonalizationSettings class that provides the new TrySetWallpaperImageAsync method: a great opportunity to add a desktop wallpaper changing feature to my NASA Pix of the Day application!

If you don’t know where to find the Universal .winmd files for each version, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\References\Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract\ and get the documentation .xml file from the localized folder


This file is used to show the summary of documented types and members.

If you don’t install the SDKs, get the .winmd files directly from the Windows\System32\WinMetadata directory

Last but not least, the Save… button allows you to get the difference details either in XML or CSV format that are easy to parse by your own tools.


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