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New video episode on MSDN about activation pitfalls with WinRT

I have to apologize for the delay to publish the third and last part of my Interprocess Communication posts: it should be out next week. However, I had valid reasons: I was preparing the new episode of the series that … Continue reading

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Inter-Process communication with protocol association in WinRT – Part 3

The previous post presented how file association is used to exchange information between Windows Store Apps (WSAs) and Desktop Apps (DAs). The same kind of feature can be provided by the protocol association. WARNING: all these techniques are violating the point … Continue reading

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Inter-Process Communication with file association in WinRT – Part 2

The previous post presented the WinRT Contracts that are available to exchange information between WSAs and WSAs/DAs. It is time to dig into the details of leveraging the file association feature of Windows to let one application activate another application. … Continue reading

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BUILD conference session about Windows Store Apps and WinRT

While I’m finishing a post about Inter-Process Communication in WinRT, here is a list of sessions related to Windows Store Application for those who were not lucky enough to attend the last BUILD conference in Redmond. For each, you’ll find … Continue reading

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ByeBye 1.1 for x64… and x32 now

I’ve been quiet for a long time on this blog because I was working hard on the Windows Store App workshop that Microsoft is now proposing to our Premier customers. Feel free to contact your local Microsoftee for more détails … Continue reading

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Missing BCL types in WinRT

Download BCLDiff (x86 | x64) In a previous post, I detailed how the .NET 4.5 assemblies of the BCL are packaged in Desktop and Windows 8 managed Apps. When you starts coding your first Win8 Apps, you quickly end up … Continue reading

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Investigating BCL differences between .NET and Metro/WinRT

In the previous post, I’ve explained how to use WinRT APIs from a .NET Desktop application to list the installed Metro App packages. This post is dedicated to the other side of the story: what part of the Microsoft .NET … Continue reading

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