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WinmdDiff 1.4: to diff or not to diff?…

I’ve updated WinmdDiff to version 1.4 (x86 | x64) with a single new feature: if you don’t provide an “old” folder, the tool dumps the public types and members of the .winmd files in┬áthe “new” folder. No big deal. Advertisements

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DualApi Finder or listing winRT types usable by Desktop Apps

Download DualApiFinder In a previous post, I explained how to use the WinRT API in Desktop applications with Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate. I will soon provide an update for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 on http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mspfe. Meanwhile, you should … Continue reading

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Listing Windows 8.1 Preview additions to WinRT

The Preview of Windows 8.1 has been released during the Microsoft //Build conference at San Francisco. Everyone is now able to download the Preview, update their machine and start to explore the new features with Visual Studio 2013 Preview. How … Continue reading

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